Barbara Matijevic, Giuseppe Chico / Croatia, Italy / 2023 

A huge, high-tech cruise ship is floating in international waters. On board, a community experimenting with new forms of social, political, and legal systems. What could possibly go wrong?

The protagonist of the series is a vlogger who embarks on the world’s first residential ocean liner built with the goal of establishing a permanent, autonomous community that experiments with diverse social, political, and legal systems. The boat is home to a paradoxical collection of survivalists, ecologists, collapsologists, activists, dreamers, lottery-winners, disaster profiteers and anarcho-capitalists, all united in the belief that progress and disaster go hand in hand. The vlogger’s goal is to document and interview the members of this community that is floating in international waters, free from the restrictions of conventional citizenship. Each episode is centred around a live encounter between the Vlogger and an influential figure from the domain of science, activism, art or entertainment, with whom she ambles around the boat, discussing the future of humanity. They soon find themselves in the centre of some dramatic, interactive action during which their theories are put to test. The situation always goes terribly wrong, so that each episode invariably ends with the sinking of the boat. All residents gather on the main deck for the sinking party, featuring a live performance by a different band for each episode.

Combining elements of unrehearsed live performance, documentary cinema, 3D animation and online interaction, these dynamic encounters between the protagonist, the audience and the guests in a variety of dramatic settings will explore the interdependence between psychological well being, climate change, socio-political issues in the face of environmental and technological disruption.

Barbara Matijevic

Creative Director / Performer



Giuseppe Chico

Creative Director


Giuseppe Chico studied theatre and scenography in Bari and Rome. In 2000 he moved to Paris where he worked as an actor, before founding his own company together with Barbara Matijevic. Since then, he has written and directed seven award-winning performances that have toured throughout the world. His interdisciplinary approach combines live performance with new technologies and emerging art forms, including elements of interactive storytelling, custom electronic device design and interface design. He oversees both artistic and technical aspects of a creative process.