About us

CPH:DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, is one of the biggest documentary film festivals in the world. The next edition of CPH:DOX will run from March 23 to April 3, 2022.

CPH:DOX was founded in 2003. CPH:DOX has had the pleasure of introducing its audience to some of the best Danish and international documentary films in Copenhagen for almost 20 years. 

However, the last two editions of CPH:DOX were slightly different. In 2020 we held an online festival. In 2020, the ambition was to make a hybrid version, but due to the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival was primarily taking place online from April 21 to May 12 2021 and the 177 new documentary films from the festival programme were available on CPH:DOX’ streaming platform In addition, CPH:DOX hosted an abundance of free, digital live talks and events with both national and international artists, experts and opinion makers, which was livestreamed at CPH:DOX’ Facebook, where they are still available. From May 6-12 2021 CPH:DOX celebrated the re-opening of the Danish cinemas after lockdown with a small selection of festival highlights on the big screen.

In 2022 we look very much forward to welcoming everyone back in the movie theaters and hosting the festival in person after many months apart.

The best film festival in and for the world

CPH:DOX is working on becoming the best film festival in and for the world. We insist on freeing the transformative potential of art and documentary films. The appealing form of the documentary film allows for the communication of complex issues in an intimate, reflective and profound manner. And no matter whether the topic is political, philosophical, experimental or focused on a narrow section of the world, documentary films expand and question the viewer’s conception of the world.

The festival programme at CPH:DOX ranges from the works of major international directors to new talent, from spectacular premieres to experimental film/video works in the field between cinema and visual art. The programme goes beyond the traditional boundaries and offers new perspectives on the intersection between cinema and media art, which has been key to CPH:DOX’ success.

More than just a film festival

CPH:DOX doesn’t just show documentary films – we anchor them in social context through debates, artist talks, events and masterclasses. In the hope of creating real social transformation, CPH:DOX establishes a space for reflection, dialogue and opinion across our society, making sure that the films and their themes stay with the viewers long after the films have ended. 

CPH:DOX also caters for the established film and media industry, as well as new artists, with our 5-day industry event CPH:CONFERENCE, CPH:MARKET, CPH:LAB, and our international financing and co-production event CPH:FORUM.

Back to normal

In 2022 we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back, not just to local movie theatres, but also to Kunsthal Charlottenborg – a CPH:DOX’ hotspot – which usually hosts everything from film screenings to concerts and international industry activities.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg offers a screening room, a spectacular virtual reality cinema, a specially curated art exhibition as well as several social and lounge areas.


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