Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions about CPH:DOX 2022.

If you still have questions? Please feel free to contact us on Facebook or at *****

What are the festival dates in 2022?

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The festival dates are March 23 – April 3, 2022 – followed by a nation-wide online festival from April 1 – 10.

What kind of festival is CPH:DOX this year?

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CPH:DOX is a hybrid festival in 2022. All films will be screened in the movie theatres from March 23 to April 3.

In addition, a selection of films are additionally invited to be a part of a nation-wide online festival from April 1-10 (geo-blocked to Denmark).

We will be hosting a lot of exciting in-person events in Copenhagen as well as online offers for both the industry and the audience.

Where can I find the 2022 programme?

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The full CPH:DOX programme is available here. It contains more than 200 films. We will also offer an abundance of events, which you can explore in our event schedule.

Where can I buy audience tickets?

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A regular ticket costs DKK 100. Tickets can be bought at the cinema or online. Tickets for films and events at Bremen Teater, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, the National Museum of Denmark, the National Museum of Art, Aveny-T, Urban 13 and Absalon, as well as events at special venues, can only be purchased online until the festival begins. After that, tickets for these venues can be purchased both online and at the ticket office at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, which is open from 10:00 to 22:00 during the festival. If the festival is not sold out, you can buy at the door of each venue immediately before the screening.

Student and senior discounts
Are you a student or senior? Then you get a discount (Price: only DKK 70) on all screenings starting before 17:00! Just remember to bring a valid student card or proof of age (+65) when you buy your ticket at the cinema.

Discount with politiken plus
With Politiken Plus you also get a discount on the ticket (Price: DKK 80). (Discounts cannot be combined).

Discount card
Bringing your friends? You can buy a discount card with five tickets for the price of four films (DKK 400), which can be shared with your friends. Discount cards can be bought in the cinemas and at our festival centre Kunsthal Charlottenborg during the festival.

Free for children!
Admission for children to the screenings in børne:dox is free (normal price for adults)

Tickets for online streaming
You can buy tickets for individual films on our streaming platform A ticket costs DKK 49.

You can buy a festival pass, which gives you unlimited access to all films on A festival pass costs DKK 395.

Who should I contact with questions regarding tickets?

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If you bought a ticket to a cinema, such as Grand Teatret, Empire Bio, Palads, Big Bio or Cinemateket, you should contact the cinema directly. If you bought at ticket to a screening at a venue which is not in a classic cinema, such as Social Cinema in Kunsthal Charlottenborg, you should write *****

Which language are the films?

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The films either have English subtitles or English dialogue. So if you understand English, you will understand our films.

Are CPH:DOX’ industry activities physical or digital?

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Our CPH:INDUSTRY events will be presented in a hybrid mode this year, welcoming industry delegates to take part both physically in Copenhagen and online. The events include our financing and co-production event CPH:FORUM, the CPH:CONFERENCE and our INTER:ACTIVE Symposium. The industry programme runs between March 28 and April 1 in 2022. In addition a majority of all films in the festival programme will be available to accredited professionals via our CPH:MARKET during the entire festival periode 23 March to 3 April plus 30 days after the festival.

Accredited guests who will not be able to travel to Copenhagen during our festival will have access to CPH:DOX’ industry events via digital live streams on – upon login with accreditation. In addition, the events will be available on-demand for 30 days after the festival.

Where do I find information about the accreditation?

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Will CPH:DOX be screening films online? And who can watch the films?

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Yes, we will have a streaming platform where Danish audiences can watch a selection of the official program from April 1-10 (Denmark only). As in any other year, accredited international guests will get access to the majority of all films in the festival programme via our CPH:MARKET.

How do i participate in the festival online?

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Once you have your online accreditation we will provide you with the login information to access our website and our online programme.

If I have an online accreditation, can I upgrade it to an on-site one?

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If I bought an on-site accreditation, but now i can't travel, what can I do?

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Refunds for cancellations of an existing accreditation are only possible before March 2, 2022.

If you need to cancel your accreditation please contact us as soon as possible by mail at ***** and please note that we have a no refund policy for all accreditations after March 2, 2022.

Covid-19 related questions

What is the current Covid-19 situation in Denmark?

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As a visitor in Denmark, you can expect to meet an open society. The Danish government no longer considers Covid-19 a “socially critical disease” and has lifted previous COVID-19 restrictions, including a face mask mandate in cinemas and other cultural institutions and in public transportation. Restrictions have also been lifted in bars and restaurants, shopping centres, sports centres, etc. based on recommendations by the Danish Health Authorities.

Denmark has high vaccination rates (more than 80 percent of the entire population has been fully vaccinated) and a strong health infrastructure.

COVID-19 infections are decreasing in Denmark (17,000 over the last 3 weeks in February), and the Danish authorities are expecting the tendency to continue in March.

The Danish movie theatres and other venues are open, so CPH:DOX will have physical film screenings and events all over Copenhagen.

Are there any special Covid-19 related requirements for on-site participation at CPH:DOX’ events? Will there be any special sanitary precautions?

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CPH:DOX is following the official Covid-19 guidelines by the Danish government.

Thus, CPH:DOX is not expected to introduce any special Covid-19 requirements for on-site participation – such as face mask or corona pass.

You will find updated information about rules, regulations and travel restrictions regarding your visit to Denmark here:

Will participants at CPH:DOX need to wear masks - for example during the industry activities and in the festival center, Kunsthal Charlottenborg?

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Guests and participants are not expected to wear masks at CPH:DOX’ activities. CPH:DOX is following the guidelines from the Danish authorities. From February 1, the health authorities in Denmark have lifted most of the COVID-19 restrictions, including the face mask mandate in cinemas and other cultural institutions. 

How do I prepare before my visit with regard to COVID-19 regulations?

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Where and how do I get tested upon arrival to Denmark and before a departure back home?

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Are Covid-19 tests available on spot for the festival guests?

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Danish Health Authorities provide free tests for national residents and tourists, therefore CPH:DOX do not provide special COVID-19 tests. However, accredited guests and festival visitors do have the possibility of buying quick tests in pharmacies or in selected grocery stores.

What happens if I get infected with Covid-19 while participating in the festival?

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Do I have access to the Danish quarantine hotels if I need to stay longer than expected due to a Covid-19 infection?

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