Through our newest initiative, we welcome emerging filmmakers from all over the world, working on their first or second non-fiction feature. On top of access to all industry activities, including CPH:FORUM for a discounted price, we offer a full day of interactive sessions providing essential tools for new professional talent to join and thrive in the established industry ecosystem.

We dedicate a full day to emerging documentary professionals, on 19 March 2023, at the beginning of our Industry week, with the aim to introduce them to the workings of the professional community present at CPH:DOX. With a bundle of curated sessions and interactive elements, the aim of this day is to share know-how with newcomers on how they can best utilize their time in the following Industry days at CPH:DOX in terms of networking and other opportunities to further their non-fiction projects in development.

The day will consist of interactive sessions and case study presentations by seasoned producers addressing different perspectives on making use of a festival as a producer, ranging from preparing as a team for pitching a documentary project to potential funders, exploring what different types of gatekeepers specialise in and look for in projects, all the way to the processes behind premiering a completed film at our festival.

The day will culminate in a networking drink/party at our bustling festival headquarter in Kunsthal Charlottenborg dedicated to celebrating emerging filmmakers, serving as a great opportunity for our newcomers to build a support network among each other and the rest of the professional guests attending CPH:DOX.

Stay tuned for a detailed program to be announced in January, 2023.

  • Available only for non-student producers and directors working on their first or second non-fiction feature
  • A full-access CPH:FORUM accreditation (FORUM lunches not included)
  • Only available for on-site participation
  • Price for INTRO:DOX accreditation: 1750 DKK + 25% VAT
  • Deadline: February 1, 2023

Apply for an INTRO:DOX accreditation for yourself, or for a junior producer in your company whose future you want to invest in here.

Should you have any questions feel free to contact Anna Krasztev-Kovacs at *****