Welcome to CPH:CONFERENCE 2023, our unique 5-day industry event, presented in partnership with leading training initiative Documentary Campus.

Offering a range of inspiring talks with visionary thinkers, investigating current themes in documentary filmmaking, and creating an interactive and hands-on platform for exchange with other professionals of our documentary community.

The next edition takes place in Copenhagen March 20-24, 2023 and is open to all accredited guests and the public. Read about this year’s programme below.


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Artists & Auteurs
  • Asif Kapadia
  • Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
  • Roger Ross Williams
  • Jessica Kingdon
Dialogues On Craft
  • Maite Alberdi (The Eternal Memory) & Anna Hints (Smoke Sauna Sisterhood)
  • Alison O’Daniel (The Tuba Thieves) & Maximilien Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson (And the King Said, What a Fantastic Machine)
  • Jialing Zhang (Total Trust) & Puk Damsgård and Søren Klovborg (The Hostage Takers)
  • Talal Derki and Heba Khaled (Under the Sky of Damascus) & Guy Davidi (Innocence)
Future At Our Fingertips
  • Filmmaking : Freedom (21/03 – 15:00)
  • Production : Sustainability (22/03 – 15:00)
  • Distrubution : Community (23/03  – 15:00)

Film & Democracy

Special Bundles
  • Monday 20 Morning Bundle (Artists & Auteur + Dialogues on Craft)
  • Tuesday 21 Morning Bundle (Artists & Auteur + Dialogues on Craft)
  • Wednesday 22 Morning Bundle (Artists & Auteur + Dialogues on Craft)
  • Thursday 23 Morning Bundle (Artists & Auteur + Dialogues on Craft)
  • All morning Bundle
  • 3 Afternoons Bundle

Future at Our Fingertips

Looking back, when we last gathered as a community, it’s tempting to see the world adrift on a storm-tide of troubles. Yet again, the way that documentaries are being made, financed, and distributed needs urgent rethinking. Instead of being overwhelmed by the uncertainties, let’s establish that our future is yet to be collectively discovered – and created – by the documentary community itself.

CPH:CONFERENCE 2023 returns as the platform uniting bright and determined filmmakers, producers, and gatekeepers of the non-fiction world to collectively envision the future of our industry, discover and unlock the currently available resources, possible solutions, and transformative potential of the industry of tomorrow.


Mornings with Filmmakers

The mornings at CPH:CONFERENCE 2023 will be dedicated to storytelling, craft, and creative dilemmas of documentary filmmaking at the intersection of art, science and society. Each morning will feature thought-provoking conversations of filmmakers: ARTISTS & AUTEURS and DIALOGUES ON CRAFT.


Film & Democracy

As a culmination of the morning and afternoon programme, the last day of the CPH:CONFERENCE 2023 programme brings together international civil society leaders, visionaries, and thinkers who will brainstorm alongside filmmakers from all over the world on how to tackle the challenges of today’s society and what role can cinema have for democracies to recover and thrive.

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