CPH:CONFERENCE is a unique industry event, presented in partnership with leading training initiative Documentary Campus. It is open to all accredited guests and the public. The next edition takes place in Copenhagen and online during next year’s CPH:DOX festival held in March 15-26, 2023. Read about this year’s programme below.

Business as Unusual

Three inspirational afternoons of talks, presentations and case studies, curated by The Catalysts, where we want to revisit together the notion of authorship (Claim your Story!), funding sources (Follow the Money!) and impact (Shaping Success) of documentary filmmaking. Business shall not be made as usual if we want to challenge the status quo and avoid narrowing and commodifying the diversity and richness of non-fiction.


A Morning With

The mornings at CPH:CONFERENCE will be dedicated to storytelling, craft, and creative dilemmas of documentary filmmaking at the intersection of art, science and society. Each morning will feature a thought-provoking conversation of two filmmakers in this year’s CPH:DOX competition programme.


Climate Storytelling

We need a biodiversity of storytelling – as diverse as the ecosystems we seek to save. It’s also critical that narratives reach over political and cultural divides to resonate powerfully with audiences, inspiring them to take action. Join members from Doc Society’s Climate Story Unit to find out more about the just launched Global Climate Storytellers Network and participate in two dynamic sessions exploring the art and impact of climate storytelling.

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