CPH:MARKET is a curated on-demand screening platform that reflects CPH:DOX’s commitment to visually and artistically strong documentary films. It offers professionals an access to the extensive line-up of 150+ documentary titles selected for CPH:DOX 2021.

CPH:MARKET features the line-up of the five CPH:DOX competitions – DOX:AWARD, NEW:VISION AWARD, F:ACT AWARD, NORDIC:DOX AWARD, and NEXT:WAVE AWARD – as well all special programmes. Primarily targeted to international TV buyers, sales agents, festivals, curators, journalists and distribution companies, the on-demand screening market is open to all accredited professionals. The titles are available from the first CPH:DOX day on April 21 until June 1, 2021. As part of the market activities we host daily meetings from April 26-30 for relevant professionals to meet representatives of the selected films.

To get access to CPH:DOX’s on-demand screening platform and to curated CPH:MARKET Meetings, log in here (only accredited guests).


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