In a more and more divided world, how will we cope with differences to speak the “same” language again? BABEL is a hybrid audiovisual show, freely reinterpreting the biblical myth of the Tower in a dreamlike sequel. Drawing Humanity through its diversity and unity, it questions our perception of others with the hope of finding back a common path.

VJ Bonnie, the musician STVP!D and Titien, scenographer, joined forces around the BABEL project to create a conceptual audiovisual concert in which each piece would tell the same story, from a different narrative point of view.

6 episodes. 6 countries. 6 narrators. This story tells the adventures of these characters, seeking to end what they had started together: the Tower. But now unable to understand each other, the old allies would quickly turn into enemies… Echoing current affairs, this project deals with the difficulties of communicating despite a common goal. Through 6 different interpretations of the myth, the audience will go on a musical and visual journey, where only the sum of these perspectives will allow them to understand the full story.


Fanny Fortage, President and Creative Director of / VJ for the BABEL performance

Titien Soardi, Co-founder and Technical Director of / Scenographer for the BABEL performance