As a bee, you need to swarm a city together with your sisters in order to confront unacceptable changes that have been forced upon you. Unless you fight united for your future, nothing will be the same.

Release the bees!
Bees stand for the anger accumulated in every woman’s body. When finally released, they all burst out unstoppable from so many women mouths.

In SWARM you are a bee. You grow up in a warm, meditative surrounding. Your days are filled with one task, folding new bees from paper to populate the hive. After police sirens force you to leave the hive you end up in the middle of a women’s protest. You hear the testimonies of the protesters. Collect the statements of the demonstrators and carry them out into the world like pollen. As a united swarm, you resist the attacks from outside and you can build a new future together. SWARM is a piece about the power of the collective to make change. Inspired by Women’s Protests happening in Poland since 2016, SWARM is a call for action, sharing the feeling of collectivism and anger. It says: “we are fed up with the current system of inequalities. We need to change it. Let’s do it together!”. SWARM creates a dream of utopia and wants to show the viewers that better realities are possible if only we work towards them all together.


Ula Sowa, Director & Writer

Viktoria Szabo, Producer