SWARM is a documentary animated sonic VR journey through a city swarmed by a group of protesting women together with a colony of bees.

SWARM is a powerful sonic experience. Protests are happening in a sonic sphere, disrupting whole cities. The sound environment of protesters is very strong: there is music, chanting, sirens, we add swarming bees to it. The director documented the protests by recording binaural audio on the spot. Being there she has noticed that the protests are driven by techno – it dictates protesters rhythm and movements. There were always DJ-sets there, making the exhausting fight with the state more bearable. The director is in touch with the DJs and performers known from the protests – they want to shape SWARM together. Electronic music will play a major role in the experience, at the very end it will become a metaphor for a utopian future.


Ula Sowa, Director / Writer

Viktoria Szabo, Producer