When the time stopped and life became a memory.
Mono No Aware, “Everything in Existence is Temporary”, is a virtual reality documentary about memories and loss, in which the viewer can move around freely and meet the former residents of the abandoned towns of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident’s Exclusion Zone.

In Mono No Aware the viewer can visit the towns and houses inside the Exclusion Zone. Unlike any other film before, the viewer can walk freely inside the 3D-scanned world using their VR-headset.
The viewer will be guided by the former residents, who walk along side them, opening the doors into their old abandoned homes, taking the viewer to pay their respects at the family grave and inviting the viewer to patrol together through the empty villages, as well as share their stories of memories, loss and reconciliation. Through their stories and reflections the viewer can relate to their extraordinary experiences and also find connection to the viewers own experiences of loss.


Timo Wright, Director

Ada Johnsson, Producer