The brutal desecration of ancient Amazonian rock-art in the Xingu (Brazil), threatens the Wauja people’s living culture. A digital resurrection breathes new life into the vast cos-movision of stories, mythical spirits, rites, and rituals that underpin this remote Indigenous community’s connection with sacred landscapes of rivers and rainforests.
Imagine the sun so enraged with jealousy, that it sculpts a flock of birds from its own blood and sends them to kill your entire family. What would you do?
Generations ago this happened to our hero, Kamukuwaká. His response was so profound that it seeded indigenous cultures across the Xingu region (Brazilian Amazon). Kamukuwaká’s story was engraved into the walls of a cave, but in 2018 this rock-art was violently destroyed. The Wauja community invites you to join us to find out why. The Sacred Cave of Kamukuwaká is the story of the indigenous Wauja community, as told in immersive VR by the community, and directed by Wauja filmmaker Piratá Waura.
In a radical act of resistance, the Wauja led an international network to undertake a digital resurrection. This 3D restoration, allows Kamukuwaká’s stories to be retold in the virtual realm. Travel upriver towards the Sacred Cave, experience the stories and songs of the Apapaatai spirits who unite our community with the forests, witness the terrible destruction of the engravings, and unravel the complex web behind this act of violence: mining, industrial agriculture, logging. At a time of crucial relevance for both indigenous rights and environmental awareness, what sets Kamukuwaká apart from other “rock-art” projects is that forms part of a living culture.  The Sacred Cave of Kamukuwaká must now travel the world as a VR platform from which the Wauja can speak outside of Brazil, sharing our culture and activism. Together we must relearn about the crucial balancing of human, spiritual, and environmental needs.


Piratá Waurá, Director, Community and Cultural liaison, Camera, Interpreter

Alejandro Romero, Creative Technologist & VR Director