Frigge Fri / Denmark / 2021 / 80 min / World Premiere
The deep friendship between three young outsider Goths is threatened when one of them falls in love and eyes a possible escape from the Danish province.

Josephine has colourful wigs, a large, heavy nose ring and collects bones from road-kills. She is 20 years old and has never been part of the handball clique in the small town where she grew up. Instead, she has found two friends in the Goth culture – the maximalist with the self-proclaimed name ‘Nightmare’ and the reflective Christian, Jay. Armed with heavy makeup and wild outfits, the Goth trinity fights to control their inner demons, and together, they create a space in which they can roam freely. But one day, Josephine falls in love with the handsome Jan, and as her black-beating heart starts to beat for something other than darkness, their precious friendship is threatened.