Do you want to volunteer with us in 2021?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at CPH:DOX 2021. The application process is now closed. We hope to see you next year!

Volunteers have always been an essential part of the success of CPH:DOX – and this year more than ever. In 2021, CPH:DOX will be a different experience: a new, hybrid festival, taking place both in person and in the digital sphere. The festival will adapt itself to the current situation, and we’re looking for volunteers who are as excited as we are to work flexibly to make CPH:DOX 2021 the best it can be! Our volunteers are in every corner of the festival during the busy days to welcome guests and audiences and be the ambassadors of CPH:DOX, both online and in person.

If you like documentaries, events, busy days and international teams of people, and are looking for an opportunity to help create a new kind of festival experience, then CPH:DOX is the place for you!. If you want to be part of one of the best International Documentary festivals in and for the world, then join us from the 21st of April to the 2nd of May 2021 in Copenhagen. You have to be above 18 years old to join us.

Our top priority is to make sure that our volunteers are safe and taken care of during the COVID-19 outbreak. We will be taking all the necessary precautions and closely following government regulations to make CPH:DOX a safe and socially distanced festival. We expect our volunteers to respect these guidelines, and contribute to an atmosphere where everyone involved can feel comfortable. We will regularly be in touch with volunteers to let them know of any changes that may occur during the weeks and days leading up to and during the festival. We will provide the necessary protective means so that our community of volunteers can feel safe throughout the festival.

We are a big, diverse and fun group of people working hard to make CPH:DOX a great experience for our guests, the people on stage, backstage and everywhere.

Depending on your wishes and experience, you can take on various types of tasks before, during, and after the festival. You can read more about the different tasks below. Please note that we expect each volunteer to take on at least 2 shifts of volunteering at CPH:DOX. The more shifts taken, especially in the same area (i.e Production and Venue Management), the more responsibilities you will be entrusted with, and the more you will be part of a stable core team.

In exchange for your free time, you’ll get film vouchers, which you can use to see films from this year’s programme. Moreover, you will receive a T-shirt and small treats for your generous help.

Do you want to be a Superdoxer?
As a Superdoxer, you can take assignments that require more responsibilities and you will play a more important role in our team. We expect at least 6 shifts of volunteering – before, during, or after the festival. In return, you will also receive a letter of reference on the top of your ticket vouchers, as well as the chance to be an involved and active part of the festival!


Mix Areas
Mix Areas covers many parts of the festival, meaning it contains a great diversity of tasks. Things will look different this year, and we’re still working out all the details, but volunteering in Mix Areas is a great opportunity to discover all the different things it takes to run a successful festival!
There’s something for everyone: from helping out with venues and pop-up events to being on hand for our online Industry programme, promoting the festival to building up our venues, or even helping out our guests at an information desk.
Mix Areas is for you if you want to discover the full scope of festival life! We’re looking for service-minded people with plenty of enthusiasm, ready to dive into bringing the festival to life.
Stay tuned for more info!

Outreach team
Do you want to be a part of CPH:DOX behind the scenes, and are you fluent in Danish?

We need outgoing Danish speakers to help the Festival Programme with reaching out to people and spreading the news that CPH:DOX is coming to town once again this April. Therefore we will need your help from the beginning of April, so you will have a lot of time enjoying the festival once it’s running (and you will get an exclusive look at what it takes to make a film and documentary festival)!

General Terms and Conditions
Welcome on board! Without the enthusiasm of volunteers like you, CPH:DOX would simply not be possible. We’re sure that we will have a great time working together this year, but to avoid any problems along the way, we’ve made a list of our mutual responsibilities:

1. As a CPH:DOX volunteer, you are the face of the festival, so please behave accordingly. Make sure that you treat the festival audiences, guests, employees, colleagues and coordinators with the respect they deserve. In 2021, this includes cooperating with COVID-19 guidelines and behaving in a way that promotes the safety and protection of everyone you meet during the festival.

2. As a volunteer, you will work at least 2 shifts. The shift duration varies but it’s up to max. 6 hours. Depending on the job, some shifts may also take place prior or after the festival i.e general production and preparation. Generally speaking, we need your help from April 21-May 2. However, if you are part of the production or outreach team you will start in the beginning of April. The festival starts on April 21st.

3. If you are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, please let us know and we will cancel your shift. It is very important that you let us know as soon as possible (ideally 24 hours before your shift). Please contact your Volunteer Coordinator directly so that they can seek a replacement. We require our volunteers to be transparent and responsible when it comes to the COVID-19 outbreak.

4. Your presence is mandatory at the instruction meeting (Big Info meeting)  that will be organized before the festival. The date will be announced in March.

5. Please be on time – 15 minutes before the start of your shift.

6. Each group of volunteers has a Volunteer Coordinator who provides instructions and serves as your contact within the festival organization. Please follow your coordinator’s instructions. Each shift has a Shift supervisor who is the one responsible for your shift, who assigns your tasks, instructs you and gives you your free vouchers at the end of the shift.

7. Please remember you are not alone. If you encounter any problems along the way, don’t hesitate to address them with your Volunteer Coordinator or the Shift supervisor.

8. The use of alcohol or drugs while you’re on the job is strictly prohibited.

9. Before starting your first shift, we ask that you pick up your T-shirt and keep it clean and tidy for all your shifts.

In the event that volunteers fail to follow the above terms and conditions, CPH:DOX  reserves the right to take appropriate measures.

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact the Head of Volunteers Department Stella Ntavara at