Do you want to volunteer with us in 2024?

Volunteers have always been an essential part of the success of CPH:DOX. We’re therefore looking for volunteers who are as excited as we are to work flexibly to make CPH:DOX 2024 the best it can be! Our volunteers are in every corner of the festival during the busy days to welcome guests and audiences and to be the ambassadors of CPH:DOX.

If you like documentaries, events, busy days and international teams of people, and are looking for an opportunity to help create a new kind of festival experience, then CPH:DOX is the place for you! If you want to be part of one of the best International Documentary festivals in and for the world, then join us this March in Copenhagen. You have to be above 18 years old to join us.

We are a big, diverse and fun group of people working hard to make CPH:DOX a great experience for our guests, the people on stage, backstage and everywhere.

Depending on your wishes and experience, you can take on various types of tasks before, during, and after the festival. You can read more about the different tasks below. Please note that we expect each volunteer to take on at least 2 shifts of volunteering at CPH:DOX. The more shifts taken, especially in the same area (i.e Production and Venue Management), the more responsibilities you will be entrusted with, and the more you will be part of a stable core team.

In exchange for your free time, you’ll get film vouchers, which you can use to see films from this year’s programme. Moreover, you will receive access to our online festival as well as some small goodies for your generous help.

Do you want to be a Superdoxer?

As a Superdoxer, you can take assignments that require more responsibilities, and you will play a more important role in our team. We expect at least 25 hours of volunteering – before, during, or after the festival. In return, you will also receive a letter of reference on top of your ticket vouchers, as well as the chance to be an involved and active part of the festival!

Please sign up here to become a volunteer at CPH:DOX 2024!

It only takes a minute and, if you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact the Volunteers Department at *****

NB: Work permit required for people coming from outside of the EU/EEA/Switzerland. It’s free, but it takes 3 months. See more and apply here.

Job descriptions

Guest department

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Info Desk

Would you like to greet and help our festival guests find their way around and feel welcomed at all times? Would you like your experience at CPH:DOX to involve meeting interesting people? If so, you will enjoy being part of the Info Desk team. We will need a few service minded volunteers willing to commit their time and energy. 

Strong English skills are a must since you’ll be assisting our international guests. Knowing Danish is a plus. You will be trained, so you will have answers for every possible question regarding the festival!

Airport Welcome team

They say that a good start is half the battle. Would you like to be the first person to meet and greet our interesting international festival guests? If so, this is the task for you!

Your Volunteer Coordinator will provide you with all the necessary info as to when and where to be, but as the name of the role implies, you’ll be at the Copenhagen Airport greeting the important guests of CPH:DOX. This role requires only your positive attitude, a smile, and strong English skills.


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Event Runner

We are looking for passionate and responsible volunteers to help us make sure that our events/parties run smoothly and safely. Over the 12 days of the festival, we have some exciting events planned, which are an essential part of the experience we provide for our guests. So do you thrive in a fast-paced environment? Then being an event runner might be the right fit for you. 

You will have to make sure that the events runs smoothly, the place is clean and tidy, and the glasses are full – whatever help is needed at the moment. But you won’t be alone! After acing your event coordination skills at CPH:DOX, organizing social events will be a piece of cake!   

Please note that our parties take place at night time and we will therefore need people who are the most energetic at this time

Event Host

Do you believe that good service creates good experiences? In that case, we need your positive attitude & smile to make great events happen at CPH:DOX! 

During CPH:DOX we will arrange multiple events and happy hours for our guests. We are therefore looking for someone to help us host these events, serve wine, and greet people with a big smile.

Industry Host

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Would you like to get a closer look into the world of filmmakers and international industry professionals? 

Then being a volunteer in the industry department might be something for you! Industry brings people together from different aspects of the film world, and we need you to be a kind and helpful host. It’s a must that you are fluent in English and that you are service minded, since you will be representing CPH:DOX. It’s the place to be if you are interested in documentaries, filmmaking and would like to meet industry professionals!

There are many different roles within our Industry programme such as CPH:FORUM, CPH:LAB, DELEGATIONS and many more. We will send out a manual with more information before you will be choosing your shifts.

Working as a volunteer in the industry department requires that you can work at least 3 days between March 20th to 24th.


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Venue Host

If you’re a people person, this is the shift type for you! You’ll be front and center at one of our main venues, helping out with guests, and assisting with organizational and service needs.

CPH:DOX is a big production that takes place over various locations and many hours. We have several venues and are trusted with their daily operations throughout the festival. We’re looking for volunteers who have good organizational skills, are service-minded and have strong English skills. You can give as little or as much time as you would like and still be part of a dedicated team whose priority is to take care of the guests’ experience at the venue and make sure everyone is happy!

Production Assistant

Do you want to build up a festival from scratch and turn an empty room into a social cinema? Would you like to take some shifts without missing any of the festivals? 

We need strong and reliable people who are not afraid of heavy lifting or other physical tasks to build up the festival center beforehand and take it down afterwards. If you are interested in event/venue production and want to learn what’s needed to make a 10-day international festival run smoothly, this is a shift for you! On top of that, volunteering in production means that you can be an instrumental part of bringing the festival to life without missing screenings and events during the festival!

Virtual Reality Host

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Do you love film, virtual reality and being a little geeky when it comes to technology? 

Then being a part of the VR team would be perfect for you. We need someone with good organization skills, service -minded and ready to answer questions people might have. It’s only a plus if you know a little bit about technology.


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Programme Event Assistant

The Festival programme consists of the films but also a wide variety of events, talks and debates in various locations in CPH. As assistants to these events, we help set-up, welcome the guests and make sure all are working well so as to provide a good experience. Host-mindedness and politeness are very important skills.

UNG:DOX Assistant

UNG:DOX is an educational offer provided to schools, where CPH:DOX offers screenings often combined with talks around the cinemas in Copenhagen, and we need Danish speaking volunteers to help run the events.

Jury Guides

Are you organized, outgoing and thrive in a role as host? And are you crazy about the film industry? Then we might need you as a jury guide at CPH:DOX.

We need you to be able to work every day from Monday 20th of March to Saturday 25th of March. During this period, you will act as a guide for one of our 5 juries (Dox:Award, F:act Award, New:Vision, New:Wave & Nordic:Dox Award). This is a perfect opportunity if you want to gain an insight into the industry, as you will be allowed to participate in dinners, screenings and CPH:DOX’s Award show. Since you will be the contact person for the juries and follow them around the city, we except that you are very familiar with Copenhagen.

If you would like to become a jury guide, send a few lines about yourself to *****


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An essential part of spreading the word about CPH:DOX are our programme distributors! You’ll be moving around the city, handing out copies of our programme. You work in pairs so it’s more fun. You’ll need to be able to bike (and to provide your own bicycle! And we will provide you with a Christiania bike for moving the paper-programmes). This is a fast and simple, yet very important task to make sure that people know about the upcoming edition of CPH:DOX.


Terms and Conditions

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Welcome on board! Without the enthusiasm of volunteers like you, CPH:DOX would simply not be possible. We’re sure that we will have a great time working together this year, but to avoid any problems along the way, we’ve made a list of our mutual responsibilities:

  1. As a CPH:DOX volunteer, you are the face of the festival, so please behave accordingly. Make sure that you treat the festival audiences, guests, employees, colleagues and coordinators with the respect they deserve. 
  2. As a volunteer, you will work at least 2 shifts. The shift duration varies. Depending on the job, some shifts may also take place prior or after the festival, i.e. general production and preparation. Generally speaking, we need your help from March 15th – March 26th. However, if you are part of the production or marketing team you will start earlier in March. 
  3. Please be on time. We expect that you are ready with the CPH:DOX T-shirt on at the start of your shift. If it’s your first shift please arrive earlier, so we can show you where you can store your things etc. 
  4. Each group of volunteers has a Volunteers Coordinator who provides instructions and serves as your contact within the festival organization. Please follow your coordinator’s instructions. Each shift has a Shift supervisor who is the one responsible for your shift, who assigns your tasks, instructs you and orginizes breaks.
  5. Please remember, you are not alone. If you encounter any problems along the way, don’t hesitate to address them with your Volunteer Coordinator or the Shift supervisor.
  6. The use of alcohol or drugs while you’re on the job is strictly prohibited.
  7. Before starting your first shift, we ask that you pick up your T-shirt and keep it clean and tidy for all your shifts, so it can be returned to CPH:DOX in good condition after the festival.

In the event that volunteers fail to follow the above terms and conditions, CPH:DOX  reserves the right to take appropriate measures.