60 min

With a digital boys’ choir and poems about the macro economy, two of the country’s boldest composers have created a unique concert work for CPH:DOX.

Aske Zidore and Anders Lauge Meldgaard are known for breaking the boundaries of both the music and its performance. This evening they have created a concert work unique to CPH:DOX, based on their app ‘Songs from Today’, a variable song cycle that follows an algorithmic structure that makes the songs sound different each time they are played. This evening, the choir (Det Danske Drengekor) performs on computer screens as two digitally created boy singers, while piano (Nadia Okrusko), flute (Flavia Huarachi) and electronics unfold the minimal compositions. It is all woven together by the lovingly probing poetry of Ida Zidore, who explores the material and emotional intersections between the language world and life forms of the economy, and human experience and vulnerability. The evening will also celebrate the publication of the book ‘Guide to Songs of Today’, which, with text, sheet music, system drawings and illustrative mark-ups, provides insight into the structural form of the work and the complex process of the songs’ genesis. The book will be available for purchase at a special price, and drinks and a good DJ will be provided.