Christian Einshøj, Christian Einshøj / Denmark / 2023 / 87 min / World Premiere

Grief, loss and superheroes. A young director’s brave film about his family and two adult brothers as they try to break the ice and delve into the family’s past to finally reach each other.

There are no mountains to climb in Denmark. But there are plenty of them in Norway. That’s where director Christian Einshøj grew up, and where his parents and two of his younger brothers still live. It is also in Norway that the family’s great tragedy occurred 25 years ago. That tragedy still colours the family and the three brothers, who are scattered. Each has his own life story. They can’t seem to talk to each other, these silent and now grown men, and every time trouble arises they move or flee. This is the ice Christian Einshøj is trying to break with ‘The Mountains’. With humour, love and 30 years of family filmmaking in his backpack, he sets out on a 1,600-kilometre superhero mission back to the fragile land of his childhood in an attempt to understand what happened, how the tragedy affected each of them and how they can move on – and maybe finally make it to the other side of the mountains.