Steven Lawrence, Sarah Schenck / United States / 2022 / 85 min / World Premiere

The extinction of healthy bacteria in our bodies could escalate a new global health crisis. The good news: the field’s top two scientists are on the case, examining the impact microbiomes have on our wellbeing.

Biodiversity is also about what goes on inside our own bodies. Over half a century, half the world’s microbes have disappeared as diseases such as asthma, allergies, obesity and diabetes have proliferated. Is there a link? Overuse of antibiotics, processed foods and sterile environments have put the balance of our insides under pressure. Top scientists Marty Blaser and Gloria Dominguez investigate how the eradication of healthy bacteria is affecting our health. Their research is leading them to patients around the world who are suffering from life-threatening diseases triggered by this disruption. The mission is to cure them, but also to restore our missing microbes before it has disastrous consequences.