Elizabeth Lo / Turkey, Hong Kong SAR China, United States / 2020 / 79 min / Danish Premiere
One of last year’s most discussed debuts takes us all the way into the intense sensory realm of a homeless dog in Istanbul’s streets and alleyways.

A film with a homeless dog from Istanbul in the lead role may not sound like the recipe for an international festival hit, but Elisabeth Lo’s debut does not look like anything you have ever seen before. We experience the entire film at eye- and ear-level with Zeytin and her canine friends and follow in their paw-steps as they roam around the Turkish metropolis. A radical break with the otherwise unspoken norm that the human being is the natural centre of everything. ‘Stray’ is a unique sensory experience with an all-encompassing sound design by Ernst Karel and masterful cinematography. But it is above all profoundly moving in its boundless empathy for other living beings than ourselves.