Oliver Stone / United States / 2022 / 105 min

Oliver Stone’s film on nuclear power gives even nuclear sceptics food for thought as he looks at the controversial energy source in the shadow of wars and climate crises. A critical support of the atom in a world without easy solutions.

As fossil fuels cook the planet, the world is finally having to confront the alternative of nuclear power. Deep in the earth beneath our feet, uranium atoms hold unimaginable amounts of concentrated energy that – once scientists managed to understand it in the 20th century – led both to the invention of the atomic bomb and to a new source of energy. But the transition from coal and oil to nuclear power was coloured by the interests of the old industries. A long-running public relations campaign created fear and confusion about nuclear power among the public. With unfettered access to the nuclear industry in countries like France and the US, veteran director Oliver Stone has created a passionate defence of the controversial energy source, which has returned in the shadow of wars, climate crises and population density as a possible energy source for the future. Wherever you stand, ‘Nuclear Now’ is food for thought.