140 min

Meet world-renowned filmmaker Oliver Stone and professor Joshua S. Goldstein at the Danish premiere of his controversial film ‘Nuclear Now’. After the screening, Oliver Stone will join us live from the US for a conversation about nuclear power, high-risk societies and the green transition.

The director behind films like ‘Platoon’ (1986), ‘JFK’ (1991), ‘Natural Born Killers’ (1994) and ‘Snowden’ (2016) is back with a new film that will give even nuclear skeptics food for thought as he takes a closer look at the controversial energy source in the shadow of wars and climate crises. After the screening in Bremen, Oliver Stone himself will talk about his views on nuclear power when he appears in a live interview, direct from Los Angeles. He will be in conversation with professor Joshua S. Goldstein, who co-wrote the film and whose book ‘A Bright Future’ the film is based upon. The conversation will be moderated by science joournalist of Weekendavisen, Gunver Lystbæk Vestergård.