90 min

Remember Hannah’s The Moth story about Adam and Jessa on ‘Girls’? For the first time, the phenomenon The Moth is visiting Denmark to do Story Slam on Danish soil, where the two hosts, Meg Bowles and Jon Goode, invite you up on stage – if the next story is yours.

The art of telling the really good story over the dinner table – that’s basically the podcast The Moth’s claim to fame. For more than 20 years, that mission has made them an international institution in this common but rare art form. Similarly, their podcast ‘The Moth Radio Hour’ has for many years been a pioneer and a home for the great short stories recorded when brave souls tell their own stories at the Moth’s wonderful Story Slam events. Perhaps you remember Hannah’s iconic tale of Adam and Jessa in the season finale of Girls season 5? That was at a Moth event. And it’s the kind of event you can now attend yourself, as The Moth moves into CPH:DOX and international hosts Meg Bowles and Jon Goode host an evening where it can also be your turn to take to the stage and tell your own story in front of a captivated audience.
The theme is LOST AND FOUNDPrepare a five-minute story about loss and redemption. From lost thoughts to found sounds. The cardboard box behind the desk, a leftover umbrella, a lonely shoe, a raggedy dog-eared sci-fi novel. Tell us your tales about leaving things, feelings, loved ones behind and about re-discovering hidden paths, buried emotions, a sense of self.