Marianna Kakaounaki / Greece / 2021 / 82 min / World Premiere
Loose accusations about terrorist sympathies force a Turkish couple from the Gülen movement to escape to a new life under the radar.

Ebubekir and Gonca Kara are accused of being terrorists. After three years, they managed to escape to Greece from their native Turkey, where Erdogan’s regime persecuted everyone with an affiliation to the Islamic Gülen movement. But during the escape, the couple suffered terrible losses. Now, the intellectual couple is trying to stay out of sight and obtain fake passports that can bring them to safety in Northern Europe. ‘Invisible’ takes us into the existential vacuum that people who have fled their own country live in. But Ebubekir and Gonca are not alone. Over one million Turkish nationals have been investigated for terrorism and possible support for the 2016 coup attempt. Over half of them have been arrested, while more than 75,000 Turks have fled to Europe to seek asylum. Turkey – once a democratic role model for the Middle East – is dangerously close to becoming a dictatorship under Erdogan. The Greek filmmaker Marianna Kakaounaki has created an acute political film with a human heart.