Jenifer Malmqvist / Sweden, Denmark / 2022 / 88 min / World Premiere

A sensitive and poignant film about three young girls’ grieving process after their mother’s suicide, told over a period of 10 years. An unsentimental education, but one made with intimacy and love.

Sofia is 8, Hedvig is 10, and Maja is 16 when their mother takes her own life. Soon after, director Jenifer Malmqvist begins filming the three young Swedish girls, who play carefree and are forced to have adult conversations. Ten years on, they have become young women and decided it’s time to open up and talk about the suicide and the memories of their bipolar mother, something they have never really done. The girls now have ordinary lives with work and school, horses and birthdays. But theirs are also lives that, ten years later, are still marked by the traumatic void left by their mother’s death. Working with two parallel timelines, ‘Daughters’ offers a moving and distinctive insight into a grieving process, into sibling love and into the way we remember and create stories about those who are no longer with us.