The reality in various versions

At a military hospital for Internet addicted children in Beijing, the clinical director cries as he watches Shosh Shlam and Hilla Medalia’s critical documentary – but could it be out of happiness?INTE...

Watch ’Circus Dynasty’ in a circus tent with street performers, music and a touching love story

The opening film for this year’s NORDIC:DOX is the Danish film ‘Circus Dynasty’, which the festival, TV2 and DFI celebrate by showing it on Saturday the 8th of November in a real circus tent.For a sin...

CPH:DOX raises the question: Are we robots?

With 11 films CPH:DOX raises the question about humans becoming gradually more robotic than biological. The MEGATRENDS category We Are The Robots looks at what humans do to technology and what technol...
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'Web Junkie', investigating Internet addiction in China screening at CPH:DOX. Read our interview with the directors:
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How is technology affecting our lives? This week's MEGATREND: We Are The Robots. #cphdox
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@Kaspervillum det er korrekt. Det er nu mere en mobil website, der kan hentes ned fra vores website, ikke i AppStore. Vi arbejder på det pt!
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Check out this year's projects for CPH:FORUM online: #forum #cphdox