CPH:DOX beats last year’s impressive audience record

For the 12th consecutive year the festival beats its own festival record with 83,900 visitors against 70,100 last year, which really places CPH:DOX as one of the largest and most important document...

Interview: “Inequality creates social anxiety”

We met with Richard Wilkinson, co-author of the best seller “The Spirit Level” and part of this year’s megatrend Polarized at CPH:DOX.By Camilla Q. Madsen“Very few people think of low self-esteem,...

Keep ’EVERYDAY REBELLION’ alive with a donation to the crowdfunding campaign!

Help the Riahi brothers change the world through spreading creative non-violent protest methods on their cross-media platform everydayrebellion.net and support their Kickstarter Crowdfunding campai...

Nikolaj Kirk is a chef, TV-host and writer. He is known for the TV-programs “Nak & Æd” and “Smag på Afrika”. Nikolaj is especially known for his great passion for trying foreign territories when it comes to cooking, but also for his great love for Africa as a continent.


As a blogger and human with a deep interest in insight for cultures, feministic values and last but not least love, Ida Lærke is an obvious choice to guide you through the CPH:DOX 2014 program. With more than half a million followers on Instagram, Ida Lærke often shares moody moment, so lean back and let yourself inspire.

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For the 12th consecutive year the festival beats its own record with 83,900 visitors against 70,100 last year! http://t.co/7zodPCU72p
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RT @GuyLodge: For @Variety, I reviewed DEMOCRATS: a riveting look at Zimbabwe's hobbled coalition, and one of my top docs of 2014. https://…
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Last week the directors of @EverydayRebell launched their @kickstarter campaign. Hear more about the project here: http://t.co/iNLzJRsCwU