You can still buy tickets to watch films online on our streaming platform

Below you will find answers to all questions regarding ticket sales.

Where do I buy tickets?

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You will find a ticket link for each individual film on the website. Find the entire programme here, choose a film, and press ‘Buy Ticket’ on the right-hand side under ‘Online Premieres’. See the full programme and all our films.


You can also purchase a ticket via our streaming platform To purchase a ticket you have to create an account here.

How much does a ticket cost?

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A ticket for a single screening cost 49 DKK.


You can also buy a full festival ticket for 495 DKK, which gives you access to all 177 documentary films.

What is a full festival ticket?

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With a full festival ticket you will be able to stream all 177 documentary films from the programme. While single tickets are limited, a full festival ticket will give you access to the full festival programme.


Furthermore, you will gain exclusive access to the films ‘Tina’ and ‘American Utopia’, which are only available to people with a full festival ticket.


Get your full festival ticket for 495 DKK here.

Why should I buy my ticket now?

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Only a limited number of tickets are available, so we advise you to buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment.


You can also choose to buy a full festival ticket, which will guarantee you access to the entire programme throughout the festival.

How do I watch films online?

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You have to create an account on our streaming platform in order to watch our films online.


Click ‘Create Account’ in the top right corner, and type in your details to create an account. 

When is it possible to use the streaming platform?

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CPH:DOX’ streaming platform will be accessible from April 21 to May 5.  
CPH:DOX is set to open with the documentary film ‘70/30’ on April 21, and from April 22 a broad selection of films will be made available. More films will premiere on our streaming platform in the following days, accompanied by a series of exciting digital premiere events which will run until May 5.
Check out the film schedule here to see when the different films will premiere.
After a film has premiered, it will be made available on our streaming platform until the tickets sell out.

I don't live in Denmark, does it mean that I can't buy tickets for the online films?

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Unfortunately, the digital film programme is only available for people located in Denmark.

Why is the streaming platform only available from April 21 to May 5, when the festival ends on May 12?

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This year’s CPH:DOX will take the form of a hybrid festival taking place both in person and online.
The first part of the festival will take place on the streaming platform with additional online live events from April 21 to May 5.
The second part will take place in cinemas from May 6 to May 12, where a minor selection of films will be made available to a live audience in Copenhagen. 

When can I watch CPH:DOX' films in movie theatres?

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From May 6-12  this year’s competition titles, all the Danish films in the programme and the biggest highlights will be screened in cinemas in Copenhagen. 
Find an overview of the films, which CPH:DOX will screen in cinemas here.