You can now buy tickets to watch films in cinemas.

Below you will find answers to all questions regarding ticket sales.

Which films will be screened in cinemas?

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From May 6-12 this year’s competition titles, all the Danish films in the programme and the biggest highlights will be screened in cinemas in Copenhagen.
Find an overview of the films, which CPH:DOX will screen in cinemas here.

How do I buy tickets for the cinema screenings?

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You can buy tickets for our film screenings via our schedule or under each individual film. You can also buy tickets directly on the cinemas’ websites. 

Where will the films be screened?

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CPH:DOX’ films will be screened in the following cinemas in Copenhagen:
Cinemateket, Grand Teatret, Empire Bio, Dagmar, Palads and Vester Vov Vov. In addition, there will be a wide selection of event-screenings in alternative venues such as Urban 13 and the Emmaus Church on Frederiksberg.

What type of discounts does CPH:DOX offer?

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Students and seniors get a discount on tickets for screenings before 17:00. You’ll be asked to present a valid ID at the venue. 

In regards to the COVID-19 restrictions, how do I best prepare before my visit?

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In order to access our cinemas or at special venues during CPH:DOX, you will need to present a ‘’corona pass’’ upon arrival, that proves you have either been fully vaccinated, have tested negative in the previous 72 hours, or have tested positive 14-180 days earlier. Remember to bring ID.
You will also have to wear a face mask when you are moving around in the cinema, but not when you are seated.
Find out more about the government’s guidelines here.

I am part of a group that wants to buy tickets. Can we sit together?

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Yes, as long as you are part of the same group, you will be able to buy seats next to each other.

If a cinema screening gets canceled, how will I get a refund?

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If you have bought your ticket online your cancellation will be processed automatically. No action is required on your side. If you have purchased a ticket in your local cinema, they will process your refund if a screening gets cancelled.

I have applied for accreditation - will I be able to use it for cinema screenings?

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Your accreditation gives you access to CPH:DOX Industry Screenings in Cinemateket on weekdays before 16:00. It doesn’t give you access to any additional screenings during the festival.