The DR Talent Award is CPH:DOX’s pitch competition for young, ambitious filmmakers, held in collaboration with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR and the Filmworkshop Copenhagen.

CPH:DOX is proud to support fresh talents through the annual DR Talent Award event. This year, 5 talents or talent teams were selected to pitch their Danish language project proposal to a professional jury during CPH:DOX Film Festival on March 28, 2022. The best pitch received 25.000 DKK in production support and ongoing professional guidance from DR, as well as mentorship and access to professional production equipment from the Film Workshop. Based on the artistic quality, originality, social relevance and feasibility of the project, the prize was awarded by this year’s jury consisting of DR Commissioning Editor Lasse Bjørch, CEO of The Film Workshop Prami Larsen and a Kathrine Ravn Kruse.

The next edition of DR Talent Award pitch competition will take place during next year’s CPH:DOX festival 15-26 March, 2023. The call for submissions of projects will open in autumn 2022. Until then, you can read more about this year’s selected projects below.

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Striving to live up to his fathers legacy, Dieudonne is on a mission to bring his tribe’s music from the village in Mali and into a globalised world. His father was one of the biggest musicians of their tribe. After his death, the tribe looks to Dieudonne as the big hope for carrying on the music and stories. As he travels between rituals in the village, a rock‘n’roll lifestyle in Bamako and on tour in Europe, he dreams of a brighter future for himself and his people. One that would make his father proud. Can he carry the musical legacy into the future?

Mira Campau



My Unknown SoMe Friends investigates our relationships with people we follow on social media. How we can get attached to them and in which way it affects us when we do not know them outside the virtual world. In the series, we follow what happens when people, who have followed each other on SoMe, meet outside the usual virtual frame.

Anna Trosko



This film will revolve around a group of young people: between one and four main characters, who have trouble finding acceptance, companionship and a fitting place in the real world. Many of them struggle with feelings of anxiety and loneliness, but can find understanding and friendship in a magical parallel universe in Poland – the College of Wizardry. They will develop friendships and skills in their witch/wizard personas. They will face and master challenges at the college in a community of like-minded individuals. We will follow them when they return home. Can they face their challenges with a little magic, even in the real world, without having to wield a wand?

Aleksander Demsitz, Josefine Gro Fridal Hansen, Linea Prætorius, Maibrit Hahn



Simone had a completely ordinary life until she couldn’t recognise herself. She didn’t have the freedom to do what she wanted and be the person she dreamed of being. She would no longer live by the norms of society, and therefore chose to change her life. Simone now lives in Tulum, Mexico, where she is chasing the free life she dreams of – but it is not without consequences. Simone has to accept losses and defeats on her journey, but she will not give up until she is satisfied.

Nikoline Aura-Verde Meldola



The Killjoy Manifest portrays the story of Ditte who has been subjected to an attempted murder by a man she knew. To understand and heal her trauma, she establishes the organization Center for Magtanalyse in Copenhagen and Aalborg, a network of young people who speak out against violence. In CMA Ditte finds herself surrounded by like-minded people. Together they develop a language for the violence they have experienced and try to challenge Danish politics on violence prevention. Simultaneously the film will create an intimate space and audio-visual universe that explores the many aspects of how violence influences us as human beings.

Minna Katz

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