DOX:ACADEMY is our platform for students from film schools, arts academies and universities from all over the world. It offers tailored guidance throughout the extensive festival programme of films and events and an opportunity to join an ACADEMY CLASS.

Joining DOX:ACADEMY is both easy and affordable, and we welcome individual students as well as larger groups, classes or schools. We offer an accreditation which gives access to our online market, conference and events accompanied by a selected ACADEMY PROGRAM with special recommendations.  

As an additional option, ambitious students can apply for the ACADEMY CLASSES, a line of highly intensive courses taking place on 26-30 April with two sessions a day. The classes explore the intersection between theory and practice and bring together students, teachers and artists/experts from different professional backgrounds to form new creative and cross-disciplinary networks:

HYBRID CLASS examines the field between contemporary art / film and academic research, especially anthropology. The class will focus on the experimental form of documentary as an artistic practice that tests the boundaries of filmic expressions of the real.

F:ACT CLASS is dedicated to the field between investigative journalism, expressive documentary genres and contemporary political activism. The class is a forum for documentarists and journalists to meet, inspire and challenge each other in the collective examination of social impact through documentary media.

CRITICS’ CLASS is a new ambitious and creative forum for young aspiring film critics to  meet, discuss and explore the art of writing about contemporary documentaries. The class intends to collectively explore and formulate the tendencies, colors and networks of this year’s CPH:DOX programme.

SCIENCE CLASS examines the representation, visualization and storytelling of scientific research and how scientific research shapes and influences both society and contemporary documentaries. The goal is to explore and develop new and ambitious methods for science films and collaborations between filmmakers, artists and scientific researchers.

Each class is composed of a curated programme and sessions arranged exclusively for the participants. These will be weaved together with screenings and conferences from the CPH:DOX festival programme. In order to create a concentrated learning atmosphere based on exchange and participation, students apply with motivated applications.
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  • Deadline: April 12, 21
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