15:00-18:00 Monday, March 28, 2022, Charlottenborg Social Cinema and online

The Future Belongs to Those Who Can Hear It Coming: An inquiry into the future of the XR industry

When David Bowie coined the phrase “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming” as the tagline for Heroes, he was pointing to the value in artists playing an active role in shaping the future in which their work will be consumed.

The disruption of the past two years has given us all pause for thought, leading us to ponder now more than ever what the future will hold for our corner of the cultural ecosystem.

As we gather to meet the nine CPH:LAB teams and to hear about the projects they have been developing over the past six months, it is appropriate to consider together the cultural landscape into which these works will emerge and to debate the shape of the industry we want for ourselves.

At this year’s CPH:DOX we are going to make space for these conversations to happen and we will present the results of these conversations at the INTER:ACTIVE SYMPOSIUM in an attempt to hear the future and make sure that it belongs to us.

The keynote speech will be delivered by Dr. Erinma Ochu, Senior Lecturer, Digital Media & Communications iSchool, School of Information Manchester Metropolitan University.

As Dr. Ochu stated ”Emerging technology has the potential to shape daily lives and culture: rapidly changing how humans learn, socialise and are entertained. Yet the flip side of new forms of participation and value creation, in particular, when imagined from monocultural perspectives, risk co-opting these technologies as tools of empire, taking us down violent paths. How can we stay critical to dismantle and reconfigure the technological strings of empirical bows?

What wayward experiments, rebellions and solidarities might emerge from becoming immersed in the ruins of monolithic tech empires? What can the XR and interactive community learn from artists’ anti-colonial resistance practices to reimagine what world’s can exist, and how life can be lived in a post-carbon future? What new forms of creativity and collective imagination is needed, whose stories need to be told to bring about this shared future?”

The Inter:Active Symposium and The Exhibition Space Q will be available to all accredited guests and ticket holders.

Sarah Ellis

Director of Digital Development, Royal Shakespeare Company, UK

Vassiliki Khonsari

Co-Founder / Producer / Director, iNK Stories, US

Annette Mees

Artistic Director Audience Labs, UK

Dr. Erinma Ochu

Senior Lecturer, Digital Media & Communications  iSchool, School of Information, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

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