‘Resorts’ takes you on a beautiful deconstructed holiday where you are free to study the human tourist as a species and get an up close perspective on the complexities of the tourism. How do we behave when we lay roasting on the beach, party like there’s no tomorrow or take the perfect selfie in the desert?

The piece is conceived as a video installation made for a 360 experience with multiple, large projections and sound. The duration is 25 minutes, that can be experienced standing or sitting in a dark circular screening space. The multiple projections will allow the audience to be curious voyeurs on the beach, in the sand dunes, the nightlife and to peak into hotel areas and the rooms, when it’s time to go to to sleep or go to party. Each chapter of the installation displays different impressive scenarios of people and places and the sensitivity of the photography and the tele lens shooting let the audience in on an intimate and entertaining look on humans, as the lines between private and public gets blurred.

Resorts is a celebration of the human body and nature but also a critical comment on our excessive, consumerist way of treating the environment for the sake of our own leisure.


Mette Carla Albrechtsen, Director