Læs interviews fra årets CPH:DOX – både dem vi selv har interviewet og enkelte af dem, medierne har interviewet!

Interview with Karen Winther, director of ‘Exit’

“I want the film to reach as many people as possible and to start a discussion about how and why people leave extremist groups”.

Giselle Portenier, director of In the Name of your Daughter

“I hope that it will not only be a film but an important and powerful tool for change. I want to reach every village in Tanzania and every village in Kenya, where they speak Swahili, where this is being practiced.”

Finlay Pretsell, instruktør bag Time Trial

“Millar is a tragic hero, in a way, and we can all identify with coming to the end of a period in our life and the sadness of not being able to do something anymore as you get older.”

Nitesh Anjaan, Soundvenue

“På et tidspunkt var jeg nødt til at sætte mig og skrive, fordi jeg for første gang havde fået et meget klart billede af en karakters perspektiv. Det var en lille dreng i et køkken i København”

M.I.A, Soundvenue

“M.I.A.: »Alle, jeg havde åbnet døre for, dolkede mig i ryggen«”

Simon Lereng, Moovy

“Moovy TV har mødt den danske dokumentarist, og vi talte bl.a. om at filme midt i en krigszone, om at kommunikere gennem kropssprog og om, hvad han håber, at danske børn og unge får ud af filmen”

Last Year in Utopia

“We feel very honoured and happy to be at CPH:DOX in the main competition.”

The Raft

The Raft is the staggering new film by the critically acclaimed and award winning Swedish artist, writer and director Marcus Lindeen.”

Time Trial

“A Visual Portrait of a Profoundly Internal Person: Finlay Pretsell on His Original Take on the Cycling Doc, Time Trial”

Welcome to Sodom

The Austrian directing duo Florian Weigensamer and Christian Krönes’ film ‘Welcome to Sodom’ will World Premiere at CPH:DOX.”


“The young, American directing duo Erick Stoll and Chase Whiteside has gone from making political activist short films to hitting the documentary festival scenes around the world, with their first feature ‘América’. “

Andreas Dalsgard

The Danish director Andreas Dalsgaard’s film ‘The Great Game‘ is a family chronicle, an epic work and not least an intense tale about three generations of fathers and sons set off on an adventure to explore their shared past. A journey which goes back in time to a story about love and loss, and to a spectacular espionage plot in the time around the Second World War.”

Giants and The Morning After

The three Swedish directors Alexander Rynéus, Malla Grapengiesser and Per Bifrost has created an atmospheric and moving documentary where fables and everyday realism are mixed and anchored with humour.”

B & O with Tine Fischer

“CPH:DOX founder Tine Fischer discusses paradigm shifts in audiovisual culture, the rise of art in documenting reality, and the different golden ages of documentary film.”

B & O with Niklas Engstrøm

“CPH:DOX Head of Programme Department, Niklas Engstrøm on appreciating complexity and celebrating reality.”

B & O with Mads Mikkelsen

“CPH:DOX Programme Editor & Head of Selection Committee, Mads Mikkelsen on how sound in film is changing the whole game, and why there’s no such thing as an average viewer.”

B & O with Adams Thorsmark

“CPH:DOX Head of Music and Regional Activities, Adam Thorsmark selects some top sound and music focused films.”

Salomé Lamas

The all-around and curious Portuguese artist Salomé Lamas has made the sombre and hypnotic essay film, ‘Extinction’, shoot from the fluent borders of the former Soviet Union. Also Lamas earlier and most impressive film project has taken her all around the globe.”

Lost Warrior

Once again, the Danish director duo Nasib Farah and Søren Steen Jespersen, turn their focus on radical Somailans, with the heartwrenching film ‘Lost Warrior’ about a young, Somalian man’s dark past that now casts shadows on the love he has finally found.”

Central Airport THF

Brazilian film director and visual artist Karim Aïnouz has been an acknowledged name in the branch of the film industry for over 26 years. His new, richly detailed and omnipresent film ‘Central Airport THF’ had International Premiere at CPH:DOX this year.”