Set in Bolivia’s infamous San Sebastian jail, Prison X is an interactive arcade role-play documentary, hand-painted in VR. Heavy doors open up and suck you in as a world of Neo-Andean magical realism swirls around you and where you have to keep the devil drunk to survive inside the prison.

The overall story follows the myth of the devil who you have to get drunk so she forgets to steal your soul. The story takes place inside the prison, but the experience coexists in a parallel reality, where magical situations come to life as a matter-of-fact.

Prison X presents a different way to experience the world, pushing the form of story by mixing the oldest Quechua tradition of oral storytelling with physical game play and an immersive world hand-painted inside VR. To accompany the VR experience, we are also creating a photographic exhibition, a live performance and Diablita, an animatronics robot puppet with the ability to interact with an audience and its surroundings through artificial vision.

We’re a core team of female creators, who believe it is essential to imagine our future, represent our present and look back at our past from our own Neo Andean perspective, where dreams, myths and dark tales co-exist with our modern world.


Violeta Ayala, director