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The press accreditation for CPH:DOX 2022 opens on December 15.


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Highlights in our 2021 programme

You can download CPH:DOX 2021 Festival Programme Catalogue here

  • CPH:CONFERENCE: Our 5-day Conference curated and presented in partnership with leading European training initiative Documentary Campus with a lineup of almost 80 speakers of diverse backgrounds and a multitude of perspectives to RESET! the status quo in and beyond the documentary film industry.
  • INTER:ACTIVE SYMPOSIUM: Our half-day Symposium on the creation and consumption of new media in the coming years, also featuring the CPH:LAB works.
  • AN EVENING WITH: A programme of 5 exclusive evenings with high profile international guests.
    All events were accessible live (via Facebook Live) for a global audience. 

In 2021, CPH:DOX’s  industry activities took place on our brand new Industry Online Platform, where we presented  CPH:FORUM, CPH:MARKET, our 5-day CPH:CONFERENCE, the INTER:ACTIVE SYMPOSIUM, and a range of new networking initiatives happening under the CPH:HUB banner. 

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If you have any questions or want help, you are welcome to contact:
Sune Blicher, Head of Communications at CPH:DOX, +45 3122 2661,