Press Accreditation

The Press Accreditation is restricted to critics and journalists who wish to cover the festival.

CPH:DOX Press Accreditation is free of charge and can be applied by journalists and media, interested in covering CPH:DOX 2022. The badge gives access to:

  • CPH:DOX 2022 festival screenings and debates in cinemas in Copenhagen
  • CPH:CONFERENCE      29 – 31 March
  • CPH:HUB  Flexible meeting and networking space    28 March – 1 April
  • CPH:MARKET (CPH:DOX 2022 festival selection on-demand)
  • CPH:INDUSTRY Catalogue
  • Press kits
  • Detailed guest list and access to communication via Who-is-Here platform
  • Guest desk services

To apply for a Press Accreditation, please create or log into your CPH:DOX profile here and press “request accreditation” to fill in the application form.