A film and research project re-activating forgotten archives of 1960s liberation movements and newly-independent countries in Africa filmed by Yugoslav cameramen, by inviting local audiences to engage with them. The resulting exhibition on ciné-collaborations seeks to extend the gestures of solidarity by which the original films were created.

From the films made by Yugoslav cameramen accompanying President Tito’s ‘Voyages of Peace’ across the non-aligned world in the 1950s and 1960s, to the footage they shot for liberation movements and newly-independent countries in the 1970s, to the collaborative film projects covering the Non-Aligned Summits up until 1989, the aim is to explore the ways the filmic image not only served as a chronicle of a political project, but in itself was a vehicle constituting and narrating this political community.


Mila Turajlic, Director, Lead artist, Archive researcher

Maja Medić, Exhibition Producer