In the current climate of the Internet, we have reached an irreversible state in our social life and inherently the way we think and comprehend our reality. It’s a situation we have all dived into, floating and yet struggling to find ourselves in it. To investigate this phenomenon and allow others to investigate it with us, we decided to create a virtual identity called “nerd_funk”, a hybrid between a person and a collective, who exists in Instagram and follows contemporary digital culture.

Through the lens of this profile, the user will set out on a journey that represents an archive of collected moments and stories shared by others. Bringing the user into an interactive journey composed and directed on the basis of nerd_funk’s Instagram stories feed.

The experience will be a confrontation of the user with different sets of curated social media contents, which transforms participants between the chaos of information and order. By providing an alternate hyper-reality, we attempt to compare and thus better perceive our current state of existence in social media. A dynamic that represents a kaleidoscopic portrait of the present that can provide an alternative perspective on the reality of ourselves and our societies.


Mamali Shahafi, Co-director