Missing 10 Hours VR is a computer-generated, multi-ending, multi-user virtual reality piece. In the accompanying documentart film, Krisztina is going on a quest to find out what happened to her 10 years ago when she was drugged by two strangers in Denmark. The last thing she remembers is that they handed her a drink. The next day she woke up at the police station: she couldn’t remember the past 10 hours. The police suspected that she was given GHB, the ’date-rape drug’ which causes a blackout and makes the victim defenceless.

In the VR two people can explore the night that Krisztina went through from two different perspectives: that of a victim (the subject) and the friend of the abuser (the bystander). We created an artificial setup: while one person is losing control the other one is gaining it by playing the puppet master, making decisions for what comes next, how the night will end.

We have mostly female developers, storytellers, and 3D Artists on our team. We would like to create a socially relevant piece using real-time interactive rendering. Our main mission is to reduce the “bystander effect” by presenting the piece in schools, universities and institutions and encouraging youngsters to think, speak up and take action.


Fanni Fazakas, Creative Technologist

Krisztina Meggyes, Film Director and Producer