Following last year’s big success, the exhibition INTER:ACTIVE will once again take place at Kunsthal Charlottenborg at CPH:DOX. The exhibition will include some of the best interactive and immersive installations and VR films out there.

The exhibition will run through the whole festival March 18-29 2020.

To set-up the installations and give our audiences the best possible VR experience, we are looking for volunteers who have a passion for Virtual Reality or interest to learn about it and be engaged in a new experience.


As a VR employee, you will be the host of one or more installations. Together with your colleagues, you will guide visitors through the VR experience. You will be responsible for preparing the installation and providing information about the content. You will keep an overview of the planning and the timetable, and will be able to help start up installations by yourself (after training), as well as be able to troubleshoot and shut down the programs. 

What you will get back

With this task you will get a lot of responsibility as part of the VR core team and a unique opportunity to get an insight into how we run a festival like CPH:DOX. We expect you to be available all days during the festival (March 18-29. 2020) to take 1 shift per day (morning/afternoon or afternoon/evening) and a few days before the festival to help out the setting- up of the VR experience along with the technician and the production team.

The job is unpaid, but as a thank you, we will provide you with free tickets to films for every 2 hours of work, goodies and mostly a unique opportunity to meet VR content makers, learn the latest about the field and be enrich your network and VR knowledge.

Everyone is welcome to apply. You should be a fast and curious learner, you might be a tech savvy or just want to learn and be involved in something new! We are looking for someone with good English skills and who likes being with and guiding people.

Please send a short presentation about you and your skills to and we will get back to you to meet you.