Meet the HBO star behind 'How To with John Wilson'

Meet the HBO star behind ‘How To with John Wilson’ live at Bremen Teater for a special evening with an on-stage talk, outtakes and clips from his hit series.


John Wilson is visiting CPH:DOX for a special evening at Bremen Teater, dedicated to his groundbreaking HBO hit series ‘How To with John Wilson’. Wilson has invented a documentary genre of his very own design: Truly original, deeply personal, and incredibly humourous, his observations from the unpredictable streets of New York are carried out with a loving attention to the most minute, but strangely significant details. How do you for instance make the perfect risotto, improve your memory or go shopping?

‘How To with John Wilson’ is a love letter to the world and the strange times that we live in – and to the colorful and eccentric variety of people we share it with. Meet Wilson live on stage for a very special evening with a talk and clips, complete with a full screening of one of Wilson’s own favorite episodes of his show!

Bremen Teater, Friday March 25 at 18h00 – buy your tickets here!

Presented in collaboration with HBO.