Since 2003, it has been the mission of CPH:DOX
to reflect the complexity of our world.
That hasn’t changed,
but the world is changing in unexpected ways.
Reality is being reshaped.
Facts are being rejected.
We are losing our sense of shared reality.
This makes it more important than ever to listen: 
To each other.
To experts.
To artists.
To those rarely heard.
Documentaries make a difference
because they invite us to do just that.
They transcend borders, offer new viewpoints,
inspire change.
This year, CPH:DOX is inviting a wide
range of voices to our festival.
We are welcoming a new team of young co-curators
along with filmmakers, artists, scientists,
and experts from all over the world.
We pass the mic and invite
you to be part of the conversation. 

This year, don’t just watch.

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