40 min

Join the ‘Ringe Rap’ podcast live on stage as the three freestylers Mund de Carlo, MC Ollie and Elbanovic get the audience on the beat. These three improv equilibrists have words and they’re not afraid to use them.

After the screening of the movie ‘I Got Words’, the three freestylers from the podcast ‘Ringe Rap’ will bring their fantastic podcast format on stage. The Ringe Rap podcast is the podcast in Denmark with the most expensive phone bill in Denmark. Listeners send phone numbers and stories of friends and acquaintances to Ringe Rap’s inbox, who are called for a nice chat and a summary freestyle rap. The three rappers Elbanovic, MC Ollie and Mund de Carlo provide the rhymes. Milad Genius provides jingles and cool stuff to rap over. 
The rappers have collectively won three MC’s Fight Night titles and two Danish championships, but in Ringe Rap they turn down the battle element and up the humor, mood and fun. They challenge each other in different disciplines within freestyle rap and rhymes and for the live recording, the audience will be asked to go through their contacts and send numbers of people who are extra good at answering the phone on a Sunday.
NB. This event will be in Danish and Norwegian.