360 min

CPH:DOX moves into SMK with our three-day ART:CINEMA and kicks off with a party when we merge with SMK Fridays. There’s free entry to the first screening of the Dutch documentary ‘White Balls on Walls’ about the critical self-insight of art museums and a glass of wine – and then of course there’s a great programme for the rest of the evening as SMK Fridays continues.

Join us this evening as we open the doors to the ART:CINEMA at SMK – Statens Museum for Kunst. We explore the work of ensuring diversity in art through the documentary White Balls on Walls. Throughout the evening, we dive into stories that have not always had a place on the big stage – and the consequences of not feeling represented. SMK makes room and at the same time also focuses on its desire to be relevant for more and more different people. At 16.30 – 18.30, White Balls on Walls will be shown, followed by a conversation with SMK’s senior researcher Dorthe Aagesen, who will unfold some of the many thoughts and considerations behind the exhibitions at SMK. NB: Requires a special ticket. This will be followed by the world premiere of the short film package The World In Itself by Jeppe Lange / Δx = x_f – x_0 by Keiria Hissabu / Killing Kidding Colliding by Freja Sofie Kirk / Vanitas by William Andreas Wivel & Jules Fischer / Time after Time by Peter Lind / Dark Radiance by Rikke Benborg at 19.00 – 20.00. And later in the evening, the short films Dear Me – A Letter to My Younger / Older Self by Stella Malfilatre / My First Home by Victoria Vogel Salomonsen / Herd Animals by Alma Winneche / “Feels like…” by Stella Reinholdt-Raabjerg / Only in my Head by Benjamin Fischermann will be screened at 20.30 – 21.45.
Admission is free all evening and you can look forward to exploring the museum’s many exhibitions. You can read more about SMK’s program at If you have a pass to SMK, you get 20 percent on all screenings and events on the art scene. See the full program for ART:CINEMA under ‘Program’. ART:CINEMA is developed and presented in collaboration with SMK, the Augustinus Foundation and the Capital Region of Denmark.