60 min

Enter an alluring hall of mirrors of improvised video feedback and light sonic discomfort when the electronic artist gives a live performance at CPH:DOX in collaboration with video artist Matija Lujic.

Danish-born and Berlin-based artist and DJ Nic Krog creates electronic music from a challenging place between spoken word, sound art and club music. The audience balances on a knife-edge between bursts of power of jarring noise and a fragile self-expressive flow of speech. Krog has been actively involved in the club scene in Copenhagen and Berlin for more than a decade and in 2021 released ‘Reproaching the Absurd’ under the artist’s former alias, Misantrop. The concert at CPH:DOX highlights the singular and ephemeral live moment through Matija Lujic’s improvised footage with video feedback, which creates an image of an image of an image in a loop: the camera and projector mirror each other in a dizzying shaft of self-recognition and hyper-reflection, creating a third dimension to Krog’s paranoid club sound art. The concert is organised in collaboration with ALICE.