90 min

Meet the legendary German film director behind classics such as ‘Wings of Desire’ and ‘Buena Vista Social Club’, in a conversation presented by CPH:DOX with curator/producer Afsun Moshiry to explore sensing and capturing places in cinematic works. Presented together with artFREQ.

The German film director Wim Wenders is a living icon who has left an unforgettable mark on
film history both in fiction (‘Wings of Desire’, ‘Paris, Texas’) and documentaries (‘Buena Vista
Social Club’, ‘Pina’) through his more than 50-year career. ‘A Sense of Place’ was inspired by a book of the same title by Wim Wenders, published in 2005. Afsun Moshiry, curator, has
discovered his book and approach to integrating places in his artistic works and adapted it into a
project in exchange with Iranian filmmakers. The project was realized in collaboration with the Wim Wenders Foundation and with partners from Germany (Road River Films), Iran (Pejman
Foundation), and France (La Onda Productions), as well as The Perfect Kiss Films.

The Wim Wenders Foundation’s mission is to bring together, preserve, restore and make available Wenders’ body of work, as well as to support young film talents via the Wim Wenders
grant and its commitment to film education for young audiences.

The premiere of the film program will be on the 18th of March, see more in the right side bar. Meet Wim Wenders in conversation with Afsun Moshiry, about the importance of place-specific narratives and the aims of projects like ‘A Sense of Place’.

The conversation will open with a screening of Wenders’ first diary film ‘Reverse Angle: It is about “new wave music”, about straying in New York, about the editing process of HAMMETT, a novel by Emanuel Bove and about Edward Hopper. And somehow, the whole thing was a reflection of filmmaking in Europe and America. This year, Wim Wenders is involved in several films of the CPH: DOX program, acting as well as executive producer of Margaret Olin’s DOX: AWARD nominated ‘Songs of Earth’.