60 min

Meet Susan Matthews, host and editor of the award-winning season seven of Slow Burn, ‘Roe v. Wade’. A podcast that both looks back at history, but also has been suddenly re-fueled by the rollback of free abortion rights in the US.

The right to free abortion in the US is under pressure to say the least, but how did the right actually come about in the first place? You’ve probably heard of the Roe v. Wade case, but how well do you know the people involved and why the decision then is still so fateful for American women today? In its seventh season (which just won Apple Podcast’s ‘Series of the Year 2022’), the US podcast Slow Burn tells the story behind the fight for free abortion in the US. The season dives deep into the cases that eventually culminated in the Roe v. Wade ruling, which gave women a constitutional right to abortion for 40 years. Host and editor, Susan Matthews, visits CPH:DOX to talk live on stage and through her own words, and will present new audio and video clips about how this season came to be and how the podcast’s role has taken on a whole new relevance after the events of the last year, when the right to free abortion is suddenly uncertain again in the US.