155 min

Join us for dinner on March 31, when we invite you to a film screening followed by a three-course dinner in Den Grå Kødby! We will first show the film in H15’s atmospheric hall and then move into the restaurant. With a focus on seasonal ingredients and a sustainable approach to food, H15 will put together an organic menu and set the scene for a wonderful evening in the old freight hall. Between the screening and dinner there will be a Q&A with director Rasmus Dinesen and the film’s composer Nikolaj Torp Larsen.NB: Special price. A ticket for this event costs 350 DKK and covers both the film screening and the three-course menu. About H15 Welcome to H15 at the entrance to Den Grå Kødby. At Halmtorvet 15 we have transformed the beautiful old freight hall into a cosy house full of culture and food. H15 Restaurant & Bar is a modern green kitchen and a lovely restaurant, two large bar areas and two event rooms. You can come early for brunch and espresso, stay late or just swing by for a quick bite or a drink. We believe in a sustainable approach to our business. Fresh, primarily organic and seasonal ingredients are the focus. Most of it is locally sourced from farms around Copenhagen. In winter, we still have many of the summer’s produce on our plates, as we pickle, stew, ferment and do everything we can to stretch and reach as far as possible.