117 min

Why are so many activists burning out? In a world where activist work can seem endless, what can we do to organize ourselves politically in ways that are socially and mentally sustainable? Burning out and having a hard time setting boundaries for one’s engagement and work as an activist, when fighting passionately for a cause, are some of the main themes in the film ‘Rebellion’. Burnout does not only occur within climate activism, but affects activists within many different groups and organizations and in some cases leads to the dissolution of groups and political communities. Join us in the Workers’ Museums’ historical Banquet Hall when CPH:DOX and Arbejdermuseet invite XR Denmark, Gambian activist and UNFPA youth ambassador Andrew Gibba, Chair Person for Mino Ung Marek Azoulay, head of secretariat at LGBT+ Denmark Susanne Branner Jespersen and ethnologist and curator at Arbejdermuseet Kristine Møller Gårdhus to a talk about the phenomenon and what different activist groups and communities are doing – and have done over time – to take care of themselves and each other. The talk will be moderated by Marek Azoulay (Mino Ung). The ticket gives all-day access to the Workers’ Museum all day, so that you can visit the museum’s exhibition ‘Activist’.