‘MIMIC’ is an interactive web documentary that builds a collective portrait about our evolving human relationship with artificial intelligence.

We are becoming more and more reliant on Artificial Intelligence.

What are the long-term ramifications when AI makes recommendations for us in the most personal areas of our lives? From who we date, to how we spend our money, to the information we consume – what happens when algorithms govern how we live and we willingly obey?

‘MIMIC’ is an interactive web documentary about our evolving human relationship with artificial intelligence. The film includes a diverse array of voices to capture how predictive algorithms affect people’s everyday lives.

The audience is asked to participate at select input points throughout the experience, contributing to a collective portrait, and propagating a visual dialectic between human and machine. ‘MIMIC’ strives to create opportunities of reflection for the viewer and provoke the audience to question their own technological dependencies.


The premiere is a live event where ticket holders will have access to take part in ‘MIMIC’’s collective portrait. Following the ~20min experience, there will be a Q&A and discussion with the creators. ‘MIMIC’ will be accessible right after the premiere and until May 2 on CPH:DOX’s website.

April 26, 7:15 p.m CET / Premiere followed by a Q&A / 45 min

More information about how to book tickets here.


Reid Hannaford, Director & Producer

Reid Hannaford is a Canadian NYC-based artist and film director who tells stories about our collective integrity. Reid is currently directing MIMIC, a collective portrait about our evolving human relationship with AI, and producing his first narrative feature film, GOD’S TIME.

Danielle Sheli Levy, Director & Producer

Danielle Sheli Levy is a multidisciplinary producer based in New York. Her work explores the nexus of cultural accessibility, anthropology, and the ephemeral. Danielle has worked with VICE, The Shed, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. She is currently the Digital Producer for National Sawdust.

Arthur Choi, Co-creator

Arthur is an entrepreneur obsessed with the union of technology, human experience, and design. Born in Seoul & based in NYC, Arthur is captivated by the philosophical implications of emerging technological innovations. He currently works at an a16z-backed AI health technology company.