‘Kvöldvaka’ is a playful Augmented Reality experience inspired by Icelandic folklore. A frustrated representative of the Hidden People wants you to rediscover a lost relationship to nature. If you’re worthy, you’ll find it.

There is something that has been lost. Maybe you feel it too.

We are living in a turbulent time. The changing climate with loss of species, loss of livelihood and the stress of a global pandemic can be overwhelming and frightening, and as we isolate we can feel even more disconnected from the world and each other.

But what if we could tap into some deeper ties that binds us? There is magic, hope, and comfort that can be found in ancient stories, passed from generation to generation, for whom global trouble is not a stranger. And technology may just give us the key to unlock a bit of this magic.

This is the heart of ‘Kvöldvaka’, a playful interactive Augmented Reality documentary. Inspired by folklore of Iceland, it is a scalable experience that you can play by yourself in nature—in your backyard or in the wilderness, using your phone. A frustrated member of the Huldufólk helps you discover a hidden world, a deeper relationship to nature that has been lost.

And if you are worthy, you will see it.


Can ancient stories inform us in a time of climate crisis? Explore nature’s hidden dimensions first-hand in a unique panel and Q&A with the team behind the creation of Kvöldvaka, renowned Icelandic Folklorist Terry Gunnell, and legendary Huldúfolk Seer Ragnhildur “Ragga” Jónsdóttir, who has been a friend to Hidden People since childhood. Hear about Night Wakings, and how ancient Icelanders lived–even by law–to respect the hidden world, still sparking environmental activism today, and glimpse inside the technology that powers this innovative story, the “human magic” that brings this folklore to your backyard.

April 24, 5 p.m CET / First release / 60 min

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Dane Christensen, Director, Hologram Design

Dane is an immersive media filmmaker who specializes in storytelling with emerging mediums to explore space, identity and perspective. He teaches XR workshops, produces 360 films and intermedia installations around the world. Dane has an MFA in Documentary Film from Stanford University.

Carol Dalrymple, Co-director, Creative Technologist

Carol is an Emmy-award winning filmmaker and Oculus Launchpad Fellow who explores connecting people through the convergence of storytelling, evolving technology, and the physical world. A longtime PBS documentary craftsman, she also creates XR installations, XR workshops and 360 films.

Barna Szász, Producer, Creative Development

Barna is a Hungarian documentarian who has specialized in XR experiences. His work has been featured by The Guardian, Staff Picked at Vimeo, shown at DOC NYC, DOK Leipzig and other festivals. He has an MFA in Documentary Film from Stanford University where he has also lectures on XR.