Katrine Kiilgaard appointed as Managing Director for Copenhagen Film Festivals

Katrine Kiilgaard has been appointed as Managing Director of the organization behind the three biggest Danish film festivals CPH:DOX, CPH PIX and BUSTER. Together with Artistic Director Niklas Engstrøm, she will have the overall responsibility for running and further developing the festivals.


The Board of Copenhagen Film Festivals (CFF) has appointed Katrine Kiilgaard – former Deputy Director and Head of Industry & Training at CPH:DOX – as new Managing Director for Copenhagen Film Festivals. She replaces Birgitte Fredsby who at her own request continues in a new role as a development consultant with a special focus on the children’s film festival BUSTER.

Erik Stephensen, Chairman of the Board of Copenhagen Film Festivals, said:
“Katrine Kiilgaard has been an important part of the international growth and success of CPH:DOX in the previous years. She has a broad international network as well as solid managing skills from her previous position as director of the film festival Nordisk Panorama. We are confident that Katrine Kiilgaard and Niklas Engstrøm will be the right team to further develop the festivals.”

Katrine Kiilgaard, Managing Director of Copenhagen Film Festivals, said:
“Like so many other cultural institutions, CPH:DOX, CPH PIX and BUSTER have gone through a turbulent time marked by the global pandemic, and it is by no means a simple task that lies ahead. The world as well as the film industry has changed rapidly over the past few years demanding new ways of running festivals like ours. Together with Niklas Engstrøm and the rest of the competent team, I am excited to strategically develop the festivals and their role for the audience as well as the industry in a totally changed media landscape.”

With Katrine Kiilgaard onboard as Managing Director, Copenhagen Film Festivals will be operating with a shared management structure. Artistic Director Niklas Engstrøm is welcoming Katrine Kiilgaard as his new co-director:
“I have already had the pleasure of working closely with Katrine for years, and I know what an amazing capacity she is. With our combined network and experience from many years in the international film business, I am confident that together we can move the festivals forward. I’m looking so much forward to this.”

About Katrine Kiilgaard
Katrine Kiilgaard has more than 20 years of experience from the Danish and international film industry. She joined CPH:DOX in 2015 after several years as CEO of the Nordic organization Filmkontakt Nord where she headed the Nordic Panorama Film Festival and its associated industry sections. At CPH:DOX, she has led and developed the international industry platform and acted as Deputy Director.

About Niklas Engstrøm
Niklas Engstrøm helped launch CPH:DOX together with former CEO Tine Fischer in 2003, and has since then been working on turning the festival’s programme into a relevant, ambitious and exciting take on the world, appealing to both a national audience as well as the international film industry. In 2015, Niklas was offered the role as Head of Programme at CPH:DOX and since the summer of 2021 he has been Artistic Director of the Copenhagen Film Festivals Foundation.

About Copenhagen Film Festivals
Copenhagen Film Festivals produces the three biggest film festivals in Denmark: the international documentary film festival CPH:DOX, the feature film festival CPH PIX and the film festival for children, BUSTER. The three festivals were gathered under a new umbrella organization in 2019.

Further information: 
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