CPH:DOX 2021 lysskilt

Internships at CPH:DOX

CPH: DOX offers internships in a number of departments, where you can gain practical experience and expand your network in areas such as film, industry and education. Read more about internships in the spring leading up to and during the next festival from March 23 to April 3, 2022.


CPH:DOX – Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival – is one of Denmark’s largest cultural events with more than 115,000 guests, as well as one of the largest documentary film festivals in the world with more than 1,900 attending industry delegates of whom more than 1,200 are international.

Parallel with the festival, CPH:DOX consists of the industry platform CPH:Industry. Our office is located in Copenhagen and we are looking for interns to join our different departments.

Internships at CPH:DOX 2022

Programme department

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The programme department is in charge of the programming of the festival. The department is divided into groups who collaborate on a number of projects:

  • Development of ideas
  • Research and previews of new films
  • Development of debates, events and talks
  • Development of music programme (live concerts and music documentaries)
  • Nation-wide activities
  • Practical production of the programme

The most important thing is that you love film and understand how to contextualize their themes in a wider perspective. Independence and a collaborative spirit are important competencies. The weeks leading up to the launch of the programme in mid-February will be busy, as will the time up to and during the actual festival in March.

Please note that although an ability to speaking Danish is not a requirement as such, several of the tasks performed by the programme department involve communicating with our Danish partners.

Contact: *****


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The guest department handles both the many hundreds of international guest and those connected to the Danish film industry. As an intern you will be in direct contact with some of the most important visitors from the Danish and international film industry and we therefor priorities that you have good communication skills plus a well-developed perspective in order to coordinate and use different IT programs such as Excel. As an intern you will amongst other be participating in the following:

  • You will be representing CPH:DOX outwardly, meaning that the industry guests will be communicating with you and therefor it is important that it is a good experience.
  • You will be in charge of coordinating and ordering the guests hotel accommodation, travel and accreditation.
  • Part of the team of delivering the guest delegates
  • You will be coordinating the guests pickup from the airport, hotel etc.

Internship duration

  • Start date – November or January .
  • End date – 15 April 2022.
  • Preferably full time – we can be flexible.
  • The working hours are basically full-time (30 hours), but the work pressure varies, and we of course take your study into account. The internship is unpaid and it is therefore important that you can use it as part of an ongoing education.

Send your application and CV to Adriana Tovar at ***** no later than December the 1st.


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At CPH:DOX’s student platform DOX:ACADEMY, you can help create interdisciplinary courses, masterclasses and devise a digital program for the many Danish and international students attending the festival.

DOX:ACADEMY is a small team and as an intern you will be involved in all processes. As part of the team, you will be communicating with participating universities and schools, view and select films for the program, organize and coordinate sessions with directors and this year, you will have the possibility of devising and organizing a digital version of DOX:ACADEMY.

Your tasks may include:

  • Selecting and discussing relevant films for the various DOX:ACADEMY classes.
  • Communicating about the platform to a wide range of Danish and international educational institutions.
  • Coordinating appointments and accreditations with students.
  • Coordinating the many sessions with instructors on the courses.
  • Creating fun and interesting online-courses for the students at CPH:DOX

We are looking for interns who are passionate about documentaries and want to create different and interdisciplinary academic environments.

Interested? Send your application to: *****