Get the international film critics’ verdict on the DOX:AWARD films

How do the international film critics rate the main competition at this year’s CPH:DOX?
Ekko’s jury grid gives you an overview.

CPH:DOX is in full swing, and the films in the main competition Dox:Award will screen around Copenhagen March 26. 

If you need recommendations, help is at hand from Filmmagasinet Ekko. The popular Danish film magazine has assembled a team of international critics to rate all 13 world premieres in the DOX:AWARD competition. The jury grid will be updated during the festival after the competition films premiere.

Check out the jury grid here.

6 international critics selected by Ekko
The members of the Ekko jury grid are a group of renowned critics. 

British Wendy Ide covers CPH:DOX for leading industry publication Screen Daily, but she has also been reviewing films for Ekko for a long time. Carmen Gray is covering the festival for the European documentary magazine Modern Times Review, While Lauren Wissot represents the acclaimed American Filmmaker Magazine. 

 The British magazine Sight and Sound, one of the world’s most respected film publications, has sent their reviewer Nick Bradshaw to cover CPH:DOX, while Vladan Petkovic from Serbia is covering the festival from Cineuropa. Finally, Ekko’s own editor-in-chief Claus Christensen is completes the panel.